The DARTEX company was set up in 1992.

Initially we operated as a production company, and since 1998 we have been active in the area of service conditioning of bathing and beach suits. Years of experience and implementation of new production technologies have enabled us to become a well-known brand and gain customers’ trust.

Thanks to the development of our company and the established position in the sector we can continuously obtain new contacts. Therefore in 2012 we modernized the company and we extended the scope of our services by sewing other knitted garments, such as comprehensive cycling clothing, leggings, T-shirts, polo shirts, tracksuits, hooded sweatshirts, blouses, skirts and dresses, etc. From day one we have placed great emphasis on customer’s satisfaction and we have been supported in our efforts by our professional and stable staff, offering professional assistance and consultancy at each production stage. We own a modern machine park which is continuously developed  with the view to satisfying the most demanding customers from Poland and from abroad. Thanks to the acquired experience DARTEX can guarantee that the order shall be completed on time and with high quality.

We are environmentally friendly

For our current and potential clients, it is important that their clothes are produced in an ethical manner, maintaining a high work culture and respecting the planet. DARTEX is responsible fashion, pro-ecological business and high social and environmental awareness. All of the above factors prompted us to invest in a renewable energy source which is photovoltaics, the popularity of which is growing rapidly around the world. It is not surprising because electric energy from solar radiation is a clean energy, and during its production there are no emissions of many substances harmful to health, such as: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, sulfur oxide, etc. Unlike conventional power plants, during the solar energy production process, neither drinking water resources are consumed nor noise is generated. In addition, photovoltaic installations do not affect the surrounding flora and fauna. Solar panels can be recycled after they are used because they are entirely composed of common silicon and aluminum. Savings as well as the desire to be an independent enterprise that can store the energy produced and at the same time be even more competitive on the market argued for the installation of the solar system.

Our awards

Moreover, we also try to make DARTEX a friendly working site for our employees, which is confirmed by the awards received from the State Labour Inspectorate in competitions for “Employer of the Safe Work Organization” in the category of companies with up to 50 employees.

  • 2010– 1st place in the 17th edition of the competition “The Employer of the Safe Work Organization 2010”
  • 2012 – 1st place in the 19th edition of the competition „The Employer of the Safe Work Organization 2012” , the Statuette Mecum Tutissimus Ibis, the Entry into the Golden List of Employers