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Naszą pracę zawsze zaczynamy od szczegółowej rozmowy z klientem i poznaniem jego pomysłów oraz oczekiwań. Następnie, po ustaleniu kluczowych kwestii produkcyjnych, rozpoczynamy proces tworzenia projektu na bazie dostarczonych przez klienta wzorów, szkiców, czy też fotografii.

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A master cutter prepares a configuration required for a given order on a basis of paper templates provided by the customer. We can execute an order consisting of individual pieces or of thousands of items. An important aspect of our work is the fact that we always optimise the consumption of raw materials (provided by our customers) by preparing electronic cutting configuration and plotter printing on the basis of files from the customers.

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After receiving the patterns from the cutting department, our staff in charge of production carefully analyses the customer’s order and takes his expectations into account. A production chart with a technological description of specific garments is prepared on the basis of the order. Such description contains the most important information on the future product: its size, the sizes of specific elements, remarks, thread or yarn colour to be used in specific locations, etc.

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The Quality Department starts its job from the verification of printed materials, which is a significant element of production, especially in the case of sports clothing. During production the goods are reviewed by the quality department a few times with the view to verification of the quality of stitching and with to the performance of the so-called auxiliary works, such as inserting a string into a garment, placement of snap fasteners, etc.

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