Cutting room

Cutting configuration planning

A master cutter prepares a configuration required for a given order on a basis of paper templates provided by the customer. We can execute an order consisting of individual pieces or of thousands of items. An important aspect of our work is the fact that we always optimise the consumption of raw materials (provided by our customers) by preparing electronic cutting configuration and plotter printing on the basis of files from the customers.


The cutting is performed using a belt knife with an airbag and a semi-automatic cloth laying machine, which enables cloth placement without the need to tension it on the table, which is a key element during cutting (especially in the case of flexible cloth types). Moreover, the fact that we have our own cutting room guarantees to our customers that our company controls the order placed with us at each production stage.

Patterns handover to the production department

Finished patterns are checked, counted, packed and appropriately described by our employee, so that they could be handed over to the production department.