Design department


Our work starts with the detailed conversation with the customer and getting to know his ideas and expectations. Later, after the detailed production issues have been determined, we start the work of design creation on the basis of templates and sketches or photos provided by the customer.

Creation of the first template

Under our services we provide garment construction. When we have the preliminary outline of a given garment, the next step of our work is the creation of the first cardboard template for a specific model in a specific size.

Prototype preparation

When our company has a template, it can prepare a prototype, i.e. a piece which can be later modified by the customer. It is the key element of work with the customers, since then the customer can see the realization of his design and freely modify it before it is implemented into the main production.

Template grading

When the Customer approves the preliminary template, we can digitalize other templates on its basis and grade it into specific sizes. The customer receives the templates in a traditional (cardboard) form and as a soft copy in the form of files with an extension for a specific programme.