Quality control and finishing department

Prints verification

The Quality Department starts its job from the verification of printed materials, which is a significant element of production, especially in the case of sports clothing.

Auxiliary works between the operations

During production the goods are reviewed by the quality department a few times with the view to verification of the quality of stitching and with to the performance of the so-called auxiliary works, such as inserting a string into a garment, placement of snap fasteners, etc.

Ironing and heat application

In our company we have a professional iron with steam generator, which we use for achieving the ideal look of the products. Moreover, we have a professional heat application machine. Thanks to it we can apply e.g. a company logo, a size or washing instructions, etc. to the cloth (according to strictly defined parameters) in a location defined by the customer.


At each production stage the garments are controlled by the qualified staff. The quality department checks the products in detail also after they have been stitched. When the garments comply with the established requirements, they can be tagged, folded or packed collectively or individually - all depends on the customer’s preferences.